Summer 2021 Musik Kids

Family Music and Music Makers classes are unlimited class passes. The class session is 6 weeks long beginning June 28 - August 2. Class days and times are:

Mondays 10:00am;   Tuesdays 6:00pm;    Saturdays 10:00am

  • With a participating Adult :

    Bounce, jump, march, sing, clap, dance, rock, and wiggle with your child! This fun-filled family experience serves as the musical foundation for later musicianship. Early exposure to these musical activities awakens the child’s ear and body to the world of rhythm and pitch! It provides the foundation for successful instrument training, dance instruction, choir participation, football fancy footwork, or whatever musical endeavors your child may undertake.

  • Adult does not need to participate:

    Music Makers (Pre-Piano) class develops the young musician through playful presentation of rhythm and tonal patterns which are essential for the musician’s ear. Moving, singing, playing instruments, and focused listening work together to build the child’s inner ear and a sense of rhythm and beat in the body! Your child will love the special writing pages and coloring to take home with them each week. Music education is our specialty, in a fun and interactive class!

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