Welcome to the Summer Semester!

If you are new student make sure to fill out the new student form to get started. Or text and call 513-394-3873 to reach our registrar.

Private Art Lessons are one-on-one scheduled times for an artist of any age to work under the direct guidance of an professional Artist and Art Instructor. The curriculum is discussed and agreed on between the Instructor and the Student, towards a common goal - whether that is learning a new technique, mastering a skill, getting supervised practice and feed back, or preparing your portfolio!

NOTE: Students must complete paid registration prior to starting instruction. 
Please offer proof of receipt at first lesson. 

👩‍👧‍👦 Are you a family with multiple students aspiring to learn and grow?
Siblings enrolled for lessons within the same transaction qualify for 5% off your full purchase! 

See policy here: https://musicartdance.org/policy/discount-policy

Please indicate the number of lessons that you and your teacher have decided on for the Term

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**If you chose the deposit payment, your card will automatically be charged the remaining balance on October 21, 2023.**

  • I understand and comply with the Center's refund and cancellation policy; details at https://musicartdance.org/policies

If you are paying by check, make your check payable to:
Wyoming Fine Arts Center

Checks can be dropped off in the office door mailbox or mailed to:
322 Wyoming Ave.
Wyoming, OH 45215

Please indicate in the text box below your check number and the amount you are paying, and select 'Cash or Check' payment in Billing space below.

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