👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎼 Family Music - January 16th - April 27th  (no class the week of April 1st)

You and your child can explore the joy of music together through a fun-filled adventure of bouncing, jumping, marching, singing, dancing, rocking, and wiggling. This interactive family experience marks the perfect starting point for your child's musical journey. 

As a bonus, the class fee covers the cost of a home digital recording and a CD, along with an informative booklet, ensuring you can continue the musical magic at home! Get ready to create lasting musical memories with your little one(s)!

💵 Cost is $242 per child, $195 for each additional sibling.  *The cost of the class includes home digital and CD recording and booklet. 

  • Grown-up participant with child

  • Grown-up participant with child

  • Grown-up participant with child

    🌟💖 NEW! | All Ages Piano Group - January 29th - March 25th

    Unlock the magic of music in our All-Ages Music Program, where kids, adults, or the entire family can come together to embark on a group piano learning journey right from the start! Join us for an 8-week adventure in our Group Keys class, designed to foster creativity and collaboration among participants of all ages. Whether you're an individual eager to explore the piano or a family seeking musical bonding experience, this program welcomes everyone to make music together and enjoy the shared joy of learning.

    • Piano and keys basics for All Ages.

    🌟💖 NEW DATES! |   Do Re Mi - Scales from the Very Beginning - February 3rd - March 23rd

    Young musicians embark on an 8-week journey to master the fundamentals of music. Designed for budding musicians, this class focuses on teaching the essential building blocks of scales and how to play them. Through fun and engaging lessons, children will develop a strong foundation in music theory and instrumental skills. Whether they're starting from scratch or looking to enhance their existing knowledge, this program is the perfect platform for young musicians to build their musical abilities from the group up.

    • Scales from the Very Beginning

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