🎼 Cincinnati Boychoir "Festival Choir" at Wyoming Fine Arts Center! 🎼

🎼 Cincinnati Boychoir "Festival Choir" at Wyoming Fine Arts Center! 🎼  

Cincinnati Boychoir is a choir for male-identifying youth of all musical abilities from across the Greater Cincinnati Region and the Wyoming Fine Arts Center is proud to host two Spring Choir sessions in our community!

Boys from grades 3-6 (ages 8-12) attend weekly rehearsals and commit to an exciting public group performance in the style of a Festival Choir. 

Program cost includes weekly rehearsal directed by professional music educators who teach a curriculum not only of musical skills by cultural appreciation, empathy, self-discipline, leadership, mentorship, and a spirit of volunteerism.

Each session culminates in a Public performance, join today and let their voice be heard!

About Cincinnati Boychoir:

Founded in 1965, the Boychoir is a teaching and performing organization that offers musical enrichment, performance, and touring opportunities.  

We care about the holistic development of boys and young men in an environment that is welcoming, safe, and allows growth through artistic expression.

Because when everyone has a voice at the table, we learn from each other, we develop empathy and understanding, we learn to support one another, and we become stronger as an organization and a community. 

Therefore, you should see us seeking, valuing, and growing from different perspectives as we recruit, welcome, program, perform and engage in our community.   


  • *bonus session! 6 sessions, March 13 - April 24, with public performance on April 27 at First Lutheran Church

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