Loving Wyoming 2021

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September 11 - Rainbow Cake Craft inspired by the Wyoming Pastry Shop
Celebrate the return of our Loving Wyoming Program by creating rainbow cakes! This project is inspired by the beautiful (and delicious) rainbow cookies that the Wyoming Pastry Shop provided for our first Loving Wyoming Art Show in the Spring of 2021. Get creative, make new friends, and gear up for another year of Loving Wyoming!

October 2 - Rainbow Maize Craft inspired by LGBTQIA+ Native American culture
In conjunction with the Wyoming Fall Festival, we will be creating a simple bead craft the whole family can enjoy while walking around Wyoming. Our rainbow maize craft is inspired by our LGBTQIA+ Native American family.

November 13 - Beadwork inspired by the art of Roin Morigeau
This month, we will be focusing on programming that relates to National American Indian Heritage Month. We are relating our project to the culture and artwork that many people of Indigenous heritage value and carry with them in their everyday lives.

December 11 - Antonius Bui inspired Cut Paper Snowflakes Craft
We will be relating this month’s Paper Snowflakes project to Vietnamese-American artist Antonius Bui. They utilize hand-cut paper in their art to create massive, life-sized portraits and tapestries. In our art project this month, we will be using paper we cut ourselves to create snowflakes that we can hang on the wall, from the ceiling, or anywhere else.

January 8 - Max Colby inspired Maximalist Collage Project
Max Colby is an artist that lives and works in New York City. Their work consists of maximalist sculptures and 2D work spanning across multiple mediums. She uses materials such as beads, sequins, and thread to explore identity and reframe traditional beliefs about domesticity, power, and gender from a trans and non-binary perspective. We will be taking inspiration from Colby’s collages utilizing sequins, lace, and beads to create our own maximal collages.

February 12 - Beauford Delaney inspired Abstract Impressionist Self-Portraits
This month, we will be focusing on an artist that lived during the Harlem Renaissance, Beauford Delaney. His work was underappreciated in his time, but after his death his work was praised and he was recognized as a great and neglected painter. He moved to Paris in the 1950’s and shifted from painting compositions of streetscapes to painting colorful, abstract paintings. His works predated the Abstract Expressionist Movement, but gained attention as this art movement began to grow.

March 12 - Mickalene Thomas inspired Luncheon on the Grass Collage Project
This month, our programming will relate to Women’s Heritage Month. We will be creating pieces of artwork inspired by the work of Mickalene Thomas, a visual artist best known for her paintings and collage works. Her works reference art history and artists such as Edouard Manet, and include patterns and bright pops of color. Her works explore the relationship between Black women, art history, and contemporary culture. Her collage work is inspired by a number of different art movements, including Impressionism, Dada, Cubism, and the Harlem Renaissance.

April 9 - Ann Silver inspired Pop-Art Identity Signs Craft
This month, our programming will touch on Deaf History as we create pop-art projects inspired by Ann Silver, a Deaf, Jewish, and Queer artist. Her work references her experiences as a woman who was born deaf. She is a huge advocate for the recognition and inclusion of deaf art in the art world. We will be taking inspiration from her pop-art work and creating our own pop art labels and signs focusing on what we consider to be big parts of our own identities.

May 14 - Chrysanne Stathacos inspired Mandalas
In this month’s program, we will be creating our own mandalas. This can be a very meditative experience and originates from Bhuddist culture. Mandalas are devotional images that often reference an “ideal universe” and can aid in meditations. 

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